Order and Delivery

How can I make an order?

Allow your browser to accept cookies and pop-ups from our website. Add our e-mail [email protected] into your address book, and make sure that our e-mails do not get into the spam folder. Some e-mail services may completely block our messages. Therefore, if you do not receive them, try to change e-mail service.

By pressing the button “Add to cart” place the needed item into the shopping cart. In the shopping cart press the button “checkout”. Fill in the empty fields with required information and chose the payment method. We accept different payment systems (see below). Our minimal order limit is $100 -$250, which depends onthe payment method.

After ordering you will receive a message with requisites for payment. Please, follow instructions inthis message. Inform us about your payment.


Payment methods

The major method of payment is Instant Money Transfer, such as Western Union. We accept different systems. Send us your payment details via e-mail. Then you will receive a message that your order is PAID.

The arrangement of shipping will take 1-2 working days. If there are no problems with money transfer, no further confirmation messages are sent.

Credit Cards

We Do Not accept credit card payments due to limitations imposed by Visa and Master Card on purchase of pharmaceutical products. However, you can arrange payment with your credit card by using online Instant Money Transfer systems or via Cryptocurrency.

Pay Pal

Pay pal is not acceptable, since we do not trust this company anymore. For detailed information visitpaypalsucks.com

Direct Bank Transfer

International bank-to-bank wire transfer is the most convenient and cheapest method of payment for orders over $700. Due to security issues, this option is available only for loyal customers. Besides, we provide additional discount for this method of payment.


There is also a possibility to arrange payment with cryptocurrency. For detailed information visit https://howtobuybitcoins.info/#!/ . The rate of exchange you can see herehttps://bitcoinexchangerate.org/



We carefully wrap all products without excess wrapping material in order to minimize the costs of transportation. The cost of delivery depends on the sum of your order.

Delivery cost depend on order total:

Below $100 – $40
From  $100 to $500 $20
Over   $500 – FREE!