Terms of use

By placing an order and/or creating an account at rasputinshop.com (or “Website”) a customer
agrees with terms and conditions of the Website. Responsibility of the Website comes into force after
receiving a payment.


Our company is not responsible for any damage caused by misuse of our products. We are responsible
only for originality of the products we sell.


The articles on the Website are placed for introductory purposes only. Since they are based on the
information available on the internet, they may contain mistakes. Therefore, before purchasing any of
our medications, a customer should thoroughly inform oneself about its proper usage, effects and side
effects from a competent source.


The pictures are placed for advertising purposes and may slightly differ from actual product.


The time of delivery begins at the moment when we send your order. We cannot indicate the exact time
of delivery, since there are too many factors, which we cannot predict or avoid. They include efficiency
of postal service, customs control, force majeure events etc.

Wrong address

We do not reship or refund in case of wrong or incomplete address. Therefore, a customer have to
provide full and correct address.

Return and Refund policy

We care about our customers, therefore our company provides Return & Refund policy. We solve the
issues in the most efficient way. Whatever your reason, you have to contact us via e-mail and explain
your decision. In any case, you should contact us before doing chargeback. Those customers who do
chargeback before informing us via e-mail will be regarded as scammers. As we said above, our
company does not reship or refund in case of wrong address.

Availability of products

All the products on our website are available for purchase. However, if for any reason the purchased
product cannot be delivered, we will inform buyer immediately.

Responsibility for damage

Our company is liable only for defects caused by improper handling or packaging of the products. If the
damage is obtained during delivery, we do not take any responsibility for it.

Property Rights

A product remains the property of our company until it is paid in full by buyer.

Personal information

We keep confidentiality of our clients’ personal data. Therefore, we do not share personal information
with other third parties. By registering e-mail a customer agrees to receive messages or newsletters
from us. If a customer unsubscribes, no further newsletters are sent.